How we chaperoned VTB at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is an annual event in the world of business and economics. It provides a unique opportunity for members of business community to share their experiences, attend presentations and network.

Vizart Design Studio worked with VTB two times at Forum in 2017 and in 2018. The task was to fill the VTB presentation booth with multimedia content. The booth had to be aesthetic, dynamic and coincide stylistically the bank’s brand book.

“While we were working on multimedia content for the VTB booth, we faced interesting and, most importantly, new tasks. Creating content for a presentation booth is different from creating television design - different for its purpose and its influence on the audience. It also should match the booth’s decor, which imposes certain restrictions on the designer’s work. But it was a very interesting task, that we were able to complete with flying colors” – Alexander Romashko, concept artist.

We achieved our goal: VTB's booth looked stylish and modern, and also fully represented the style of the event. Multimedia content played an important role in this. Thanks to the usage of modern solutions in the field of infographics and computer technologies the booth looked more visually attractive compared to other ones.

In 2018, above our usual work on multimedia content for the booth, we also created info-graphical videos for VTB. Our team chaperoned VTB during the event, shooting photo- and video at the booth and at the forum, compiling a video report as a result of each day and a video report as a result of the whole event.