Promo video for TEFI-Region Award

TEFI-Region Award is a significant event in television industry. We were excited to take part in this event and create a colorful and snazzy promo video that reflects the spirit of the Award.

The concept was to declare that the competition covers all regions of Russia. In order to emphasize this fact we used the Orpheus statuette, which is the symbol of the Award, in addition to recognizable map of the regions involved.

"It suddenly turned out that there is no decent Orpheus 3D model, so I took pictures of a real statuette and created a 3D model using photogrammetric data. Then I worked out the kinks in ZBrush and transferred it to Cinema 4D to use in video shots", - Alexander Romashko, concept artist.

It was a challenging task that our specialists managed to perform with flying colors. You may see the process and the result below.