"T24" is a popular 24-hour scientific TV channel about men’s hobbies. Here, on one button, there is everything that male audience finds interesting: innovations in the field of technologies, weapons and military equipment, martial arts, extreme sports and unique expeditions.

In the case of "T24" TV channel for Vizart, it was necessary to create a unique, easily recognizable image that would emphasize brutal stylistics and the overall concept of the project. We started the development of channel’s identity with its keystone - the logo. Together our best talent came up with a "gear", which became an ideal embodiment for the task.

Initially, the design of the "T24" was conceived with a lot of details, in the style of the “Transformers” movie. However, during the process of work, our creative team decided to make the design elements more massive and realistic, bringing them closer to the existing technologies of the present.

Updated visualization appeared on air in February 2015. The corporate identity developed by the Vizart studio helped the "T24" channel to emphasize "masculinity" and take its niche on the Russian television market.

In May 2015, the design of the TV channel "T24" was nominated for the MediaBrand award.