Morning show StartUp on RBK TV Channel

RBK is a business TV channel, that broadcasts latest news focusing on global and Russian economy and politics. Besides, the channel provides interviews commentary and analytics with experts in economics and politics. RBK approached us with an interesting task to create modern and innovative graphic design for its morning show “StartUp”.

“In the very beginning we realized that the TV show is going to look like a dashboard, like several widgets with information that people need in the morning: news, weather, traffic and exchange rates. Our first drafts were stilized after the generic RBK channel look, but then we changed them. In order to make the TV show look modern and unusual, we changed the color pallette, added roundedangles and other features” – Alexey Fedotov, Vizart’s Creative Director.

Our team was working for two months on this project. At the same time our developers conducted various software and automation tests. As a result, we created an opener, which is based on the final version of the interface design and represents perfectly the style of the TV show.

From its launch date to this date “StartUp” is successfully on-air every morning at 7 AM. This fact proves that Vizart’s team succeeded with the task of creating the TV show packaging for one of the most popular TVchannels.