Overmap Software

The “Overmap” software is a unique development of Vizart design studio. It is a new tool for the quickest solution of graphic tasks, which can completely transform the whole future of TV-cartography.

The work on the creation of “Overmap” began in 2013 due to the lack of a universal and easy-to-use platform in the graphics software market using geographic data and location reporting systems.

"We conducted an in-depth analysis of the market and found out that the creation of infographic videos with maps requires the usage of several programs at once, involving very narrow specialists and buying expensive equipment. So the idea was born to develop a multifunctional tool that would simplify the process and reduce the time of content production "- Denis Yuzhanin, Head of the Development Department at Vizart.

By this moment, “Overmap” is the most modern graphics editor, fully integrated with geographic data and has a wide range of automation capabilities for creating videos with infographics of high visual quality.

The main functionality of the program includes the availability of a GIS system with reliable geodata, simple-to-use and intuitive tools, customizable stylistics, the ability to work with 3D objects, the option of templating to maximize the speed of graphics’ preparation to on-air and the ability to integrate with third-party software to optimize the workflow.

"Creating the “Overmap” would be impossible without the participation of our best talents in the field of cartography, design, and programming. And it's very cool that within the framework of our studio, experts of different professions help to create a product that really facilitates the work of the designer, allowing to produce more quality graphics for the TV channel "- concludes Denis Yuzhanin.