Live Planet

"Live Planet" is a new TV channel about Russian nature. The core of broadcasting includes programs of its own production - shooting wildlife and animals in Russia. Viewers of the channel will be able to see how white and brown bears live, learn what laws operate in a wolf pack, find out for whom big eagles are dangerous, why gray whales disappear and what Baikal fresh sea conceals in itself.

The difference between "Live Planet" and other Vizart projects lays in the fact that we create the design of most TV channels completely "turn-key": from the scratch, we create all the elements, including the logo. But the "Live Planet" logo was already there, so the rest of design had to be adjusted to it. When there is a certain element from which to start, it is important to keep in mind the picture as a whole - this is how the ideal holistic image is devised.

When creating the identity of the "Live Planet", we drew inspiration from nature itself. Bright floral colors, geometric lines on the foliage, flight trajectories of butterflies and the mysterious life of the underwater world - combining natural elements with modern graphic elements, we succeeded in making the design of the TV channel really "alive".