Design is beautiful

Vizart Design Studio exists since March 2008, and I was invited to lead the company in 2009. I became interested because I like it - design is beautiful! The crucial thing in it is to hear the client, to come up with a unique idea just for him, to develop it, introduce it and present it – this whole process is what I truly adore.

Business as a family

Managing men mostly is easy for me - I have quite a character, not girly-girl at all. If the business is perceived as a family (and I take this particular stand), then it's easier to level out all the acute moments in the same way as in the family, and in the difficult period, it's easier to support each.

Every employee is a brilliant personality

I respect myself and therefore respect the people who are next to me. Each of my employees is a brilliant personality, otherwise, it’s hard to stick around. If I see a spark in a person, and if this person lacks experience yet, but has interesting ideas, tries to express them in a special way, etc. – then from such a person one can grow a very compelling, powerful designer.

Manager’s purpose is to help the designer to evolve

The designer is not a manager, they have a different worldview. When the manager knows how to put everything in a certain logical system - it's a good manager. The designer sees a picture withing himself first, and logic is superimposed only afterward when the project is implemented. And the most correct, honest answer of a good designer to the question "why is this so?" Is the answer "because I see it so." My task and task of managers of our studio is to help the creative designers develop and evolve.

Dream Team

Selection of the dream team means a variety of opinions, attitudes, views, but at the same time, everyone should have a certain set of common values. For me, it's a free thinking ability, a creative potential, and, of course, honesty, decency, and responsibility.