Concept Designer

I drew since I can remember myself, so at some point I decided that I would become an artist (when they told me that I cannot be a pirate), but that didn’t happen - I haven’t had enough of perseverance :) Studied "Interior decoration" at the University, finished an art school and an Art College before that, was engaged in artistic painting of fabrics, participated in exhibitions, took part in archeological expeditions as an artist. So I probably am more of a creative person.

I entered TV industry by accident, but in an incomprehensible way, the "magic of TV", the combination of creativity and technology, captivated me for almost 10 years now :) With Vizart I am since 2008.

My main responsibility is to create concepts. In addition to that, I also go to the shootings occasionally, I'm engaged in revision of the visual content on the different channels, I supervise the correspondence between graphics and the given concept as well as the wishes of the customers, I adjust the communication with the directors, determine the necessary graphics functionality, collect useful textbooks and knowledge for the designers - from lectures on color science and composition up to the latest trends in broadcast.

My favorite duty is to take part in shootings – I just adore the process itself. The whole atmosphere is different in there, people are different. For example, a year ago I flew to a filming of a documentary series about art, for which we made graphics.

The best advice for someone who considers becoming a designer is to ask yourself first - is this what you really want? Such work takes away almost all the time, all energy, emotions and further on the list. It becomes your life, it’s not your average nine-to-five. If the answer is yes, save up some patience :). Patience, sociability, the desire to work a lot, the ability to see questions from a non-standard angle, and dedication for learning constantly are keys to success.