Head of Cartography Department

I began to work with Vizart in 2010, when a need to create an in-house cartographic department has emerged: a graphical map is a very special and complicated product, you cannot create it ‘just like this’.

The complexity of creating a telegraphic map lays in a need to have skills from several areas at once: you need to know how to build a good foundation, to study special profile programs. It is extremely important to understand how to adapt information to the television format.

Geography is an extremely interesting science that easily becomes popular with the help of a geo-image. More and more people understand now: you can use a geographic basis to visualize a variety of interesting and complex patterns. When you want to convey information to people, the most effective way to do this – is through visual beauty: graphics, schemes, geo-images – something that would catch an eye of a viewer.

I enjoy to work at the junction of several areas - geography, design and infographics. I like the hybrid nature of the tasks and emotional "poles", as my job requires to find a common language with the client, for example, and then to spend several hours while analyzing some Excel spreadsheets – it is very different types of work.

Until now, there are no definite criteria for the concept of "TV-map" or for how infographics should look like. Therefore, I am very glad that I can approach these matters creatively and do my job as I see it and as I want. In our department, my colleagues and I determine by ourselves the qualities that we must add into our work - it's a very pleasant experience. You can say that in a way, with every new project we feel like some discoverers exploring new territories and pushing boundaries :)

Every Vizart’s TV-cartographer is a unique character who, in fact, is engaged in "manual work". He understands perfectly what does he mapping, he can draw and explain the details by writing a micro-script when it's half an hour before the air. At the same time, together with our Software Development Department, we are also working on creation of programs that will automatize the process of TV-mapping, while preserving the uniqueness of each product created. This is one of the main advantages of Vizart – we have very favorable conditions for the development of television cartography in general.