I always wanted to work in the TV industry – to me, it means interesting people around, an interesting profession, and interesting events. Therefore, television world captivated me first, not design; Design was an instrument that allowed me to linger in this creative field.

Oddly enough, in my work, I enjoy the most the lack of a clearly defined task, constant deadlines, "action" all around, adrenaline, lack of sleep - all this keeps me toned, motivated and does not allow to relax. In such rhythm the brain generates ideas that it wouldn’t be capable of in the state of rest – they simply would never have occurred, and sometimes it makes me wonder.

I’m with Vizart for 3 years already, but to lead the Department of real-time graphics is my profile for the last 15 years. Alongside with work at Vizart, I teach at the British Higher School of Design, the School of Computer Technology “Scream School” and the Moscow School of Cinema.

The best thing about teaching is the opportunity to catch the moment of enlightenment in the eyes of a person when at some instant he realizes what and how to do. That feeling, when you see in the eyes of another: here it is, enlightenment, it happened just now - this feeling is truly priceless to me.

For me, the day went well, if you’re done with work and do not remember where you parked the car 9 hours ago.

It happens with everyone that the motivation disappears. Notorious "muse" that doesn’t come is simply a moment that must be gone through. You have to let go of the situation and change the direction for a short time, then you’d get motivated again - this is an absolutely accurate pendulum effect, a mechanism in human psychology.

In my understanding, the lack of movement is death. I have almost no free time - in fact, it is already a habit. If you get a buzz from what you do, then you work and have a great time all at once.