Senior Composer

My dad was engaged in radio engineering, electronics, so I was also captured by this, but mainly with computers and computer games. Even the plot was sometimes unimportant - I just wanted to see how everything is visualized in the game. It was striking that every year the graphic becomes more realistic. Over time, just watching and playing ceased being enough – I craved to try to create such graphics myself.

My first job as a designer was for the route television. I came to the interview, said: "Let me make you a test video," did it, they liked it, and I started to work, even though I studied everything myself - there were no video lessons yet, so I just poked and poked, pressed all the keys, tried different tools and functions, read the "Help" section in the programs and software themselves.

With Vizart I’m already for 4 years. My main task is compositing, working with almost finished video. Usually, they give me a render - raw computer graphics, and I try to bring this material to perfection. Color correction, atmospheric and lighting effects and glares - the imposition of such finishing strokes makes up my work. In a nutshell, you need to make it look as beautiful and realistic as possible.

I always wanted to create beautiful graphics. Mainly I was inspired by three-dimensional cartoons - "Toy Story", "Shrek." And modern cinema is generally a leap higher than the head. Tell you the truth, now it's hard for me to just enjoy the movie, I pay more attention to how the graphics are made, where the real shooting is, and where it is not. My brain is working already in the "I would have done it differently in here, I would have adjusted this, here I’d move it, it has to be brighter or darker" mode :)

The greatest satisfaction I get when the final version of the video is really beautiful when it becomes a stand-alone piece of art. To achieve this result each layer, each effect must be reconciled and thought through.