Creative Director

The design was always my hobby, despite the fact that there were no people seriously involved in art in the family. On my PC "Photoshop" appeared very early - I wanted to create some aesthetic pictures. Back then there were no video lessons yet, so I just sat and studied, tried to do something "for myself."

One day in social networks, my work was noticed, and just like that, I got into a large company that was engaged in creating graphics for mobile phones. And a little more than six months later, I already worked on one of the state-run television channels. Having quickly sorted out the features of the work, for two years I was the designer of real-time graphics, and later - the developer of real-time graphics for the channel.

Design is the solution of a specific task, which means that not only a creative but also a technical approach is required. The first calls for inspiration, and the second – for a clear understanding of the subject, a logical estimation of the task. Thus, when the head is free from noisy thoughts, and when there are no questions, then the visual image is born, then you are ready to create something new.

There is a saying: "If you do it good - it will be good". By this rule, I live and work. It is a matter of personal honor to me – to treat the tasks you agreed to do and words you spoke with great responsibility. After all, I really love and cherish my profession and job, so I can say that I am a very happy person.