Senior Project Manager

When I just started to work in the design industry, I learned Coral Draw just in three nights all by myself - I had a great desire and dedication. I work very efficiently and aiming only the best result, and my main advantage as a manager is that I can rally the team, unite everyone with some kind of idea - I always did it well.

I’m with Vizart for two years now. There are several departments under my supervision: the Format Department, the Special Projects Department, and the Motion Design Department. Motion - is the most complicated one, it’s a big deal.

In the being a manager the most difficult, but also the most pleasant part is to make sure that people for whom you are responsible understand: they can always approach you with anything, and you will listen and help them. It's important to me for guys to know: I'm not simply controlling or managing them, I'm a person with whom they can talk about anything. I do not even position myself as a manager, I'm a member of the team. Probably, it was just this feeling that I came to Vizart for.

Recently I decided to deepen my professional knowledge, so I joined the MBA program for "Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship" course at Moscow State University. So happy to feel myself like a student once again! When you study, it evokes a feeling that there is something to strive for, an additional stimulus to personal evolution.

Last year, I told myself that I would travel four times that year, and it came true! I have my way of turning dreams into reality: I take a notebook and write down everything I want next year, but in the present tense, and then I hide it. So far it’s working just fine :)