Vizart TV-design studio

Making design for TV channels, TV shows and events.
Interactive interfaces and presentations.

Selected works:

Broadcast design for «Moscow 24»

«Moscow 24» tells about the life of the Russian capital. Its audience - active citizens who are interested in Moscow life. In 2015 TV channel has decided to change itself in order to match better the tastes and interests of its young and bold audience.

Broadcast design for «Moscow»

This season «Doverie» TV channel has decided to change its format for a new, more modern one. Changing the design, the concept and even a name. With the help of the Vizart studio, «Doverie» transformed into new, fresh TV channel - "Moscow".

Broadcast design for «Strana»

Another re-design of a Russian TV-channel “Country”, young 24/7 educative and entertaining project, took a place in September 2016. The creators of “Country” addressed their most daring ideas once again to the Vizart design studio.

Broadcast design for «Jivaya Planeta»

"Jivaya Planeta"(`Living Planet`) is a new TV channel about Russian nature, which was launched only in March this year. Most of its programs are made by TV channel own production studio.

Broadcast design for «T24»

"T24" is a new science-popular TV channel about hobbies of men. Here you can find programs about everything that is interesting for modern men: military equipment, martial arts, extreme sports and unique expeditions.

Visualization of «Traffic jams»

Studio Vizart has developed software that analyzes traffic information from the company "CODD" and generates a data steam taking into account features of the realtime graphics.