Spring Design for "Moscow 24"

With the advent of spring, all nature awakens from sleep, people take off heavy winter jackets and even television changes its appearance. Studio Vizart helped to transform the "Moscow 24" TV channel and try on a fresh image, inspired by warmth, blooming flowers, and light.

The creation of seasonal channel identity requires great skill: the screen saver should look absolutely new while preserving recognizability of the channel and emphasizing its basic concept at the same time.

During the work on the spring design for "Moscow 24" we were inspired by the motives of laser shows, fireworks, and pyrotechnic effects, which pleased Muscovites at the Moscow City Day celebrations in 2016. At the same time, we tried to accentuate that the main purpose of the channel is to cover the life of Russian capital and its inhabitants.

In the new screensavers made by Vizart magical floral patterns unfold on the streets, and fairy-looking trees grow straight from the asphalt. We used as a basis for the daytime identity cozy and familiar center of the capital and sparkling, futuristic Moscow-City lights were taken for the night ID.