Vizart at PromaxBDA Europe – 2017. Between motion and design

In March Amsterdam held another conference of PromaxBDA – international association for entertainment marketers, promoters, and designers. Alexey Navrotskiy, Vizart’s art-director, was invited as a speaker to present the discourse “The Harmony between Motion and Design”.  

“The primary goal of my speech was an attempt to create an internal dialogue – professionals of our industry need to realize the complexity of information’s perception for the viewer and the colossal influence that visual content has on audiences of different generations" - Alexey Navrotskiy.

Taking part in a conference of such level is considered highly prestigious in a professional environment. In addition to that, for design artists it is an opportunity to exchange experiences and get acquainted with the latest trends in design and marketing.

"We were preparing for this trip a whole a month, and we are really glad that everything went so well. A lot of acquaintances with colleagues has been made – they all seemed to be very interested in what Vizart is doing and, of course, it's nice that the level of our work is valued so highly, "adds Alexey.