Overglob'alization has begun on air of "Russia 24" channel

Vizart studio is proud to present the Overglobe software - an innovative solution for the rapid creation of TV-maps both on a global scale and on the scale of highly detailed individual areas.

Vizart created and released on the air of "Russia 24" channel the first TV-maps based on a completely new product - Overglobe, which has become another step in the development of Overmap software. 

Both of these tools allow you to create maps of high geographical accuracy with all the aesthetic advantages of real-time 3D graphics in just 5-10 minutes instead of several hours of work.

"We have filled Overglobe with a lot of expressive and modern ways of visualizing geographic data: the program interface allows you to customize geographic layers (sea, land, territories, and borders of countries), it has an ability to change map projections literally "on-the-go", and to choose the most favorable view for each project" - Denis Yuzhanin, Vizart's Head of Software Development.

As well as in Overmap, all the necessary geodata can be imported into the scene in manual mode. However, in Overglobe all the political and geographical information (state borders, territories of the states etc.) is built into the default map project. Basic settings of these elements can be edited by the color and transparency of the tone, and any geographical objects are marked with signatures.

"In Overglobe, any designer will be able not only to "re-paint" the standard design but also to create his own artistic style by changing the settings of lighting, materials, location, and animation of objects. The potential of this program is extremely difficult to overestimate! "- Ilya Popov, Vizart's Head of the Cartography Department.

Despite quite a breakthrough in the field of TV-mapping, which the creation of Overglobe has become, Vizart's team considers it not only just a finished product but a platform for developing new virtual geographic solutions. In our nearest plans - the increase in speed of drawing up a TV-map, typographic quality of the image, introduction of automatic processing of external databases and much more!