How to become a Motion Designer: Vizart will teach at the "Netology" University

Vizart Design Studio is pleased to announce the launch of the author's course "Motion Design: Graphics in Motion" in cooperation with the University of Internet Professions "Netology." Our best experts will tell you all about the process of becoming a successful Motion Designer and will help to create your first videos.

During the course, students will learn the key concepts of motion design, the main directions within the industry, as well as try their hand at creating effective video content and master all the knowledge necessary for a successful start in the profession.

"We are very proud of the level of graphics that we create here in Vizart, and we would like to increase the number of specialists who would be seriously great at what they are doing. Our main goal is to show that motion design is not just an industry, but a part of contemporary media art" - Irina Dotsenko, concept designer, developer.

Reading a course of lectures online, giving homework and answering questions from students on the topics "Composition in Motion Design", "Animation Principles", "Video Design" and "Television Design" will be:

Irina Dotsenko, concept designer, developer of the Vizart Studio

Andrey Litvinenko, Motion-designer of Vizart Studio

Alexei Navrotsky, art director of the Vizart Studio

Pavel Boreyko, creative director of the "Russia 24" TV channel

Alexey Fedotov, Creative Director of Vizart Studio

Learn more about the course and sign up for the training you can by clicking the link.