Vizart’s Art Director, Alexey Navrotskiy, tells how to become a professional designer

Vizart has a more than 10-years-experience with on-air graphics. Tell us about the company and recent projects.


It is true. In addition to having experience with on-air graphics, we conduct many other ventures as well – for example, we have a Software Development Department and a Business Development Department. Vizart is one of unique studios in Russia, because it creates real-time graphics for broadcasts. The studio was established on the platform of “Russia24” TV Channel. Since then we have had a lot of projects for “Moskva24” TV Channel, for example. We also conduct TV Channel branding: for TV channels, namely “Russia24”, “360”, “Match TV”, “Doverie”, “Russia2”, “Live Planet”, “Strana”, “Techno 24”; various projects for “Perviy” and “TNT”. Name any – the list is endless. 


What made the company so successful?


Firstly, it is highly efficient – we always had a lot of work to do and always did it great. Secondly, no one person makes decisions for everyone and controls every aspect of work. We divide people into groups and every group has a leader. However, the leaders are fully involved in the process and work on the same basis as every other employee. 


The studio takes part in huge events such as Promax. Tell us, who can participate in it? Is there a chance that your most advanced colleagues would do it?


Our head of business development department, Oleg Troyanovsky, and I were invited to give a lecture there. He was also engaged in the selection of works.  Promax is a huge event in design, broadcast design and promo. It is somewhat of an Oscar among designers. Tickets are quite expensive, so you will definitely need a sponsorship. I gave a lecture on a very specific topic – about a visual contact process and what thoughts a person may have while looking at a graphic work. 


Do you feel a lack of human resources in your company?


Yes, catastrophically. Whenever a new project surfaces, we require 20-30 extra workers. There are many reasons why people quit: some may want to start their own company or want to change profession. Our employees develop rapidly, because they are responsible for many various and sometimes difficult tasks. Of course, we have a lot of routine, but it takes all your concentration and focus, so it is a great way to improve skills too. Lack of human resources is the reason we cooperate with design schools and perform lectures. For example, I give lectures in cooperation with Bashmet center and take part in an online course on motion-design. 


What can you offer our students? Internship?


If a student is assiduous and determined, then it’s work. Internship is a good start of career, but it is not so convenient for us. Our employees would be constantly distracted from their work, because they need to teach interns. That’s why we cooperate with design schools – the more experience a student gets there, the better. 


How do you select applicants? By interview, by portfolio or maybe test assignment?


Portfolio review is more common. But if we need an applicant to prove his/her skills, we will ask to do some test work. Nevertheless, portfolio and work experience are not of utmost significance if a person has a strong passion to work in design. 3-4 trial working days help to clearly see if he/she can work with us or not. 


If our students, who start working in Vizart, have struggles, will your more experienced employees help?


Of course. All our workers are always available to help. However, a student can only come to the company on a junior position, so there would be no difficult tasks at first. 


Name reasons why our students should choose Vizart?


One reason would be, if they want to work with broadcast graphics, not movie graphics, for example. The approaches are completely different. It also depends on the department they work at. It happens that some people may not like working at a particular department and we can always offer to change a different one. I think, that’s the main reason – mobility. 


How do you describe your perfect employee in three words?


Assiduous, determined and humorous. Why humorous? Sometimes you cannot pass through difficulties without a smile.