What We Do

TV Channel Branding


Vizart Studio is a team of professional graphic designers, animators, artists and developers. Our purpose is to help TV channels to find their own extraordinary and matchless style.

«Moskva Doverie»

Vizart is one of the very few studios with a unique experience of a full working cycle with on-air graphics: from the initial design of the concept to its technical implementation. We are engaged in both the development of identity and the internal design of the channel. Each channel that we are proud to work with uses simultaneously about 300 unique design elements created by us.

«Moscow 24»

The driving force of our success is the combination of technical know-how with innovative approach and creativity. You can take a pleasure in watching the results of our efforts at the leading Russian TV channels: "Russia 24", "Moscow 24", "Strana", "Moskva Doverie", "T24", "Live Planet" and many others. 


We not only create an exceptional and outstanding design for our clients - we help them to build a long-term relationship with the viewer. 

Show Packaging

Dynamic lines, titles, 3D-constructions, animated maps, weather forecasts, graphs and diagrams, website and newspaper reviews - Vizart Studio talent produce all of the kinds of information graphics. We completely take on the design of your TV program: from the creation of a unique and original style to the internal design of the on-air show.

Exclusively for the design of broadcasts, we created a unique title system and wrote software that allows to update information and upload data in real time.

With the help of technologies devised by our software developers, information can be output not only in titles or video walls but also as virtual elements of augmented reality directly in the studio! Moreover, this process can be carried out both by the assistant or by the hosts themselves through the iPad. 

We always work closely with our customers to represent their unique vision to its fullest and together create something entirely new. For example, for the channels "Moscow 24" and "Russia 24" Vizart Studio created infographic videos devoted to life in big cities and the latest urban events.

In cooperation with "Yandex", we developed a solution for graphical output of the traffic map in the live broadcast. And for the TV channels "Russia 24", "Utro Rossii" and "Moscow 24" we created breathtaking packaging for weather forecasts. In doing so, we not only came up with an original design but also wrote a software that allows updating the data in real time. 

In a world full of visual noise, the product should stand out, be original and eye catching. We know how to do this. And the best proof of it – is our work.

Motion design

Motion design is often called “invisible art”: its peculiarity is that the more masterful this laborious work is done, the less it is visible to the viewer. However, few know that about 12 minutes from each hour of the channel's broadcasting is the work of the motion designers. 

Examples of motion design graphics on «Match TV»

Today, motion design is used almost everywhere: in the creation of commercials and video clips, in the design of TV broadcasts and screensavers and so on. Motion graphics allows to create dynamic images and implement the most daring ideas. And it is with the help of motion graphics that Vizart Studio talent turns ideas and stories into blazing, exciting and captivating videos.


With the help of high-quality infographics, any complex information can be presented quickly and comprehensively. In addition, visual images make information more attractive and convincing to the viewer. 

Vizart Studio is the headliner of Russian infographic design. We have created the infographics you see every day: in news releases, special reports, popular science programs and documentary films. 

Currently, we provide with infographics "Good Morning, Russia!” and" Vesti Moskva "on the “Russia 1” TV channel, a 24-hour broadcast for " Russia 24," " Moscow 24 "and "Moskva Doverie" TV channels, and a huge number of special reports, popular science programs and documentaries. 

The first impression is always the most important. Vizart studio talent creates astonishing infographics that will draw viewer’s attention to your brand and ideas from the first glance. 



Geographic map is an essential tool for telling about settlement locations, visualizing transport flows, hot spots, routes and many other things. Maps are used for TV programs, such as news and weather forecasts, and also for movies, documentaries, promo videos.

Vizart cartography department creates graphic maps of any complexity. Our specialists work at the junction of two areas - geography and design, perfectly mastering any visualization tools and know how to adapt a map design for any task.

We create detailed and comprehensive maps:

  • static and dynamic
  • in 2D and 3D
  • stylistically coinciding to your brand book or according to our design concept

Big Data Visualization

Since using big data became a must for business development, there comes a strong need for its visualization.

Companies present massive amount of data for making strategic decisions, compiling analytical reports, tracking performance indicators, conversion rates, etc.

The main infographics’ goal is to present information in the most convenient way and highlight key points. It is proved that people cannot concentrate on big tables and long texts, so interactive infographics is the best way to visualize big data.  

Vizart team does a great job visualizing big data. We created a tool that analyzes data flows and presents them in a user-friendly form - for example, on a map or as graphs.

How we work with big data:

Interactive touch presentations

Interactive touch-presentation is a way of visualizing any kind of data. You can use it during exhibitions, conferences, and corporate events, and also for internal reporting. Data is received in real time and visualized in a user-friendly interface.

We use 3D/2D graphics and animation when creating interactive presentations. You can control the data flow using a tablet and output the result to a large screen. There is also an option to save it as slides and use for presentations.


Touch-presentation can help you tell about new products and services or present statistical and analytical data.

You can visualize:

  • financial data
  • construction process data
  • road traffic data
  • comparative analysis of products and services
  • key objects’ location
  • projects’ status

So, interactive touch-presentation is an irreplaceable and intuitive tool for “data packaging”, analytics and major events prognosis, as well as making right management decisions.

Contact us using the form below to request a touch-presentation or ask any question. Our manager is there to help you.

Dynamic transport model

Dynamic transport model is a Vizart’s unique development. The program allows to track and analyse the city transport system status in real-time mode. It displays all transport types from buses to taxis and carsharing.

The program organizes massive amount of data and visualizes it on the map. User can also see the information about road traffic accidents, construction zones and carsharing data, and even watch videos from some traffic cameras.

The program also organizes and displays big amount of quantitative data and statistical deviations, so it appears to be a new-generation analytical tool.

Having access to all necessary data, it is possible to create a detailed visualization of any city’s transport system.


Film Editing

Film editing is an essential technical part of the post-production process that can do wonders - and Vizart takes wonders seriously. We work with any types of video content: commercials, promo videos, sizzle reels, presentations, etc. Our film editors, sound designers and supervisors take care of the whole process, so that you can get perfect result.