What we do

Broadcast design

«VIZART» studio is a big team of professional television designers, animators, artists and developers. We help TV channels to find their unique style that sets them apart from the competitors.

We are one of the few TV-design studios with the unique experience of a full-cycle production of broadcast graphics - from the design concept to its technical implementation. We develop the identity (including the logo) and the internal design of the channels. Every TV-channel, we are working with, using about 300 unique design elements created in «VIZART» studio.

The driving force of our success - the union of technical know-how with innovation and creativity. You can assess the quality of our work watching the broadcast of our customers - the leading Russian TV channels. Among them - "Russia 24", "Moscow 24" and "Doverie", "Techno" and "Jivaya Planet". And we not only create a unique design for our customers, but also help them to build long-term relationships with the audience.

TV-program design

Roller titles, 3D-reconstruction, animated maps, weather forecasts, charts and graphs, reviews of websites and newspapers, informers, titles – experts of «VIZART» studio produce any kind of graphics. We will take care of the design of your TV programs: from creating a unique broadcast design to the interior decoration of the studios.

Specially for broadcast design we have created a unique system of titration and have written unique programs to update the information in real time.

Using developed by us software you can show information not only in the titles or on the video wall, but also as a form of virtual elements that complement studio space. The issue of information can be made by an assistant director, or by the TV-host using the iPad. The leading analytical program «The course of the day» on the channel «Russia 24» already appreciates self-control of graphics in the live broadcast.

We work closely with our clients to represent their unique vision in the best way and create something entirely new together. For example, for the channel "Moscow 24" and "Russia 24" «VIZART» studio creates infographic videos about life in the big cities and the last urban developments.

In cooperation with the "Yandex" company we have developed the solution of the traffic jams graphic output in a live broadcast. And for the TV channels «Russia 24», «Morning of Russia» and «Moscow 24» we have created unique weather forecasts. We not only made the original design for it, but also wrote a program that allows to update weather data in a real time.

In a world full of visual noise your product needs to stand out from the others. We know how to do it. And our work is the best proof of it.

Motion design

Motion design is often called the invisible art, because few people pay attention to it. And this is despite the fact that 12 minutes of every hour of television broadcast – is a work of motion designers.

Today you can see motion design almost everywhere: in the commercials and music videos, television broadcast design and television screen savers. Motion-graphics allows you to create dynamic images and implement the most courageous ideas. Motion-graphic specialists of «VIZART» studio will transform your ideas and stories in exciting videos.


With the help of quality infographics any complex information can be presented quickly and clearly. In addition, the visual images make the information more attractive and convincing.

«VIZART» studio - headliner of Russian infographic design. We create infographics that you see every day in the news, special reports, popular science programs and documentaries. Currently, we provide infographics for: «Good Morning, Russia!» and news on the «Russia 1», channels «Russia 24», «Moscow 24» and «Doverie», a large number of special reports, popular science programs and documentaries.

The first impression - the most important thing. Specialists of «VIZART» studio will create infographics that will draw attention to your brand and ideas from the first sight.


Mapping - another area where «VIZART» studio specialize. Our solutions based on the Vizrt and Unity3D software allow to display relevant information on the maps in the best way.

Оur rapidity deserves special attention. Specially for rapid mapping we have developed a tool for creating three-dimensional maps in a few minutes. And they combine impressive design with cartographic precision.


Brand - is not just a logo or a marketing plan. This is a perception of a product that exists in people's minds. The total of all impressions. Brand - is a beautifully told story.

By combining years of experience with creative ideas and the latest technology, the «VIZART» studio will create a unique image for your media product and build a system for interaction with the consumer. We will develop a memorable visual image that will work equally well on all channels of communication.

We believe that strong media brands have to be dynamic and change every day, from week to week. They need to keep up with the changing programming policies and other unpredictable factors. And despite the constant changes, always remain faithful to yourself.

If you are planning to launch a new media brand or rebrand existing - call us. Our team of brilliant strategists, talented designers and experienced developers will create a unique story of your brand.