Visualization of «Traffic jams»

"Traffic jams" on television is not only general information about the traffic, but also a complete analysis of what is happening on the roads. Studio Vizart developed software that analyzes traffic information from the company "CODD" and generates a data steam taking into account features of the realtime graphics. We have created a special module that can simulate the network of roads in the graphics engine Vizrt in seconds. Due to the existing software developments and our experience we were able to implement the project in the shortest time.

We have seen how our American colleagues show road traffic on TV. And noticed that they pay little attention to the design. We decided not to forget about it – we develop design for every TV channel individually and model the network of roads with the necessary details. Above the map you can use any infographics, whether it will be the names of roads and settlements, street billboards with the broadcast web-cameras or billboards advertising.

Visualization of "CODD.Traffic jams" by the Vizart studio is a unique combination of design and technology, as well as a great opportunity for the TV channel to offer its viewers content of better quality than the competitors do. We hope that in the future the project "Traffic Jams" will grow into a convenient and versatile tool for presenting a large amount of any statistical data.