Broadcast design for «T24»

"T24" is a new science-popular TV channel about hobbies of men. Here you can find programs about everything that is interesting for modern men: programs about military equipment, martial arts, extreme sports and unique expeditions.

In the case of the TV channel "T24" our task was to create a unique, catchy image that would emphasize brutal style of the project. We`ve started creation of identity from the channel logo. We wanted it to be round: to fit in the top right corner of the screen, as on all digital TV channels. Together we come up with the "Gear", which perfectly fit into our concept.

Originally, "T24" design must have been in the style of Transformers, with many details. However, we decided to do design elements more massive, bringing them closer to down to earth style of nowadays technology.

Updated visualization appeared on the air in February of this year. Developed by «VizArt» identity has helped "T24" underline its "masculinity" and take its place on the Russian television market.

In May 2015 created for "T24" identity was nominated for MediaBrand Awards.