"Strana" - for those who create.
A new design of the Russian TV-channel by Vizart

Another re-design of a Russian TV-channel “Strana” ("Country" in Russian), young 24/7 educative and entertaining project, took a place in September 2016. The creators of “Strana” addressed their most daring ideas once again to the Vizart design studio.

We spoke with the deputy chief editor of “Strana”, Tatiana Shazzo, who noted that the new design features “more dynamic style and restrained colors” to reflect “the production, the creation of something, action in a general sense.”

“Create your own country” - is not just a slogan, it is the specific examples of how to implement bold ideas, to realize yourself and to contribute to the development of Russia. Our main task is to show that Russia has huge potential” - continues Shazzo.

An earlier version of the “Strana” graphics, which was also created by Vizart in June 2015, has won the bronze at the PromaxBDA Europe Award, the prestigious international contest in TV-design. Back then Vizart managed to bypass rivals in the category, which evaluated the design and art-direction of TV-channels.

But if in 2015, according to Tatiana Shazzo, there was a full-scale restart of “Strana” in which “the general concept of the channel, its content and maintenance was completely renewed”; in 2016 only the graphic design of the channel has changed.

The differences between two designs, both created by Vizart, Shazzo describes as follows: “Previous logo made as a stained-glass window (invented by our studio in 2015) showed the diversity of Russia. Our current TV-logo is a kind of quality mark, by which our “Strana”, our country, notes the best things that there are today in Russia.”

“Every person has a lot of opportunities to realize themselves. In spite of the changing situation in the country it is possible and necessary - to create! To make something happen is the power that is available for everyone who have interesting ideas, who are willing to make an effort and believe in oneself “- sums up Tatiana Shazzo.

The “Strana” TV-channel was created in 2011; it aims to tell the story of a “modern Russian in modern language with high-quality video, 3D graphics, technologies of augmented reality,” as well as the story of development of Russian regions, large enterprises and private companies, prosperous business and effective startups, the story of people who have achieved success in their field.