Broadcast design for «Moscow»

This season «Doverie» TV channel has decided to change its format for a new, more modern one. Changing the design, the concept and even a name. In the autumn of 2015, with the help of the Vizart studio, «Doverie» transformed into new, fresh TV channel – «Moscow».

For creating the new design, we were inspired by the ideas of «beauty» and «love». However, what beauty is? We have put in this word bigger meaning than just external grace. Beauty can be different. It is wrinkles, painted by time. A sincere smile and tender glance. The inner light that can change the whole world. To create a broadcast design for «Moscow», we have united all these images and made a focus on the contrast of emotions.

The basis of the new style are conciseness and unusual combination of turquoise and red. Dynamic radial splashes are here to bring the positive emotions. In addition, soft animation and the overall smoothness of the forms leave the pleasant calmness as an "aftertaste".

We made a ribbon as a common crosscutting element of all design. It appears not only in each of the ID-clips, but in the rest of the graphic as well.

«Moscow» is a very lightsome TV channel. And we wanted it`s new design to show it and to evoke only positive emotions.