Broadcast design for «Moscow 24»

«Moscow 24» is the TV channel, which tells about the life of the Russian capital. Its audience - active citizens who are interested in Moscow life. Those people are open to everything new and are not afraid of changes. To match the tastes and interests of the young and bold audience better «Moscow 24» has decided to change itself. And did it with the help of the Vizart studio.

«Moscow is a dynamic and modern megalopolis. This city needs a trendy and constantly evolving channel».
Art-director of the Vizart studio, Alexei Fedotov.

The main requirement for the new style was the ease and simplicity. Therefore, we have replaced heavy newsbar and titles with their modern, airy versions. In addition, we have updated all the design elements of the channel: from the main ones to keynote-templates for standups and screensavers for monitors. Herewith each item, each line together formed a uniform, coordinated system.

The main task of the TV channel «Moscow 24» is to inform about all the events in the capital in a flash. The new style, created by the Vizart studio, not only facilitate the perception of information, but also helps to solve some technical problem. For example, due to facilitating of the design the video signal is now less overlap.

In recent years, Moscow has changed dramatically. And TV channel "Moscow 24" had to change along with it. So in September 2015 a new design was launched.