Broadcast design for «Jivaya Planeta» (`Living Planet`)

"Jivaya Planeta" is a new TV channel about Russian nature. Most of its programs made by its own production studio. Viewers of the channel will be able to see how do white or brown bears live, the laws of the wolf pack, who the huge eagles are dangerous for, why gray whales disappear and what does Baikal hide.

"Jivaya Planeta" TV channel was a bit different from our other projects. We are doing most of the TV channels identities entirely: create all the elements including logo from scratch. The "Jivaya Planeta" already had its own logo, and we had to adjust everything to its design. When there is a certain element, which must be the center of identity, it is important to remain aware of the whole picture all the time. Then everything will gradually develop into one perfect picture.

While creating the identity of "Jivaya Planeta" we got inspiration from the nature itself. Bright floral colors, lines on leaves, flying butterflies and the life of the underwater world - combining natural elements with modern design we were able literally bring channel identity to life.